Charlie Tango

Creativity & Technology

Employees at Charlie Tango

At Charlie Tango we use insights, creativity and technology to put our clients' customers at the center of everything we do. With a team count of more than 200 people, we passionately believe that great customer experiences create strong business results.

We use creativity to connect brands with the technology of tomorrow. The outcome is exceptional omnichannel experiences, journeys and relationships. Moreover, we help our clients lower their cost through digitisation and automation of business models and customer engagement processes.


Brand, Content & Marketing Automation

While being in the forefront of automating sales and marketing flows to maximise relevance and effect, we deliver data-driven creative services, content and platforms. In the process, customer insights is key to engage and activate audiences across digital and traditional media.

Digital User Experience & Frontend Solutions

We design and implement innovative digital products and services that exist at the center of people's everyday lives.

Workflow & Omnichannel Solutions

We offer advanced services, technology, platforms and infrastructure to automate customer communications, business and engagement processes across the omnichannel.

Data, Analytics & Cognitive

We increase your organization’s efficiency and lower cost through activation of data and application of cognitive computing across customer engagement processes.

Charlie Tango is a result of a merger of three leading agencies into one powerful Nordic digital powerhouse, backed by one of the largest IT solutions and services groups in the Nordics.

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